Painting rental - Aude, Hérault


For companies, firms, reception structures or individuals, renting paintings is:

- Show and share interest in artistic creation.

- Being in a close relationship with an artist.

- Return a positive and dynamic image through the renewal of artworks.

- Enhance a place, the premises of an agency, a company.

- Bring art where it is not expected.

- Change universes at the desired frequency.


Rent paintings for:

- Receive customers, surprise them with a different environment from one appointment to another.

- Add an artistic touch to a meeting, a seminar, an evening, an event.


Painting rental is deductible from the expenses of a company.


Rental 24 hours...............10 euros

Rental 1 week.................40 euros

Rental 1 month..............100 euros

Price incl. VAT.


+ Delivery cost.

Free delivery Béziers and around.

For each painting, a deposit of the amount of its value is required.


Information, contact: here 

Available works: